The Richelieu Flats
Client Metropolitan Properties of Chicago, LLC Location
Chicago, Illinois
The Richelieu’s contiguity with the historical Michigan Avenue Streetwall commanded a painstaking restoration of the building’s terra cotta façade and partial preservation of the original timber-framed structure. Sited on a deep lot which is not conducive to full residential use, the rear two-thirds of the structure was demolished and re-built as a concrete parking structure available to both the Metropolitan Tower and Richelieu Flats. The front one-third of the original structure facing Grant Park was rehabilitated for use as a two-story retail space on ground level, luxury residential flats on floors 3-6, and a luxury duplex dwelling on the 7th and new 8th Floor. The new 8th floor, which serves the top level of the duplex penthouse unit, is a contemporary steel and glass structure set back from the building’s original façade. This setback offers a large private terrace overlooking Grant Park, and preserves the building’s original cornice line.

5 Units

8 Stories

10,600 SF Retail/Commercial

26,000 GSF

Original Construction Date 1885 Original Architect Hessen- Mueller & Meldahi
The Richelieu Flats Details