The Illinois Medical District
Client The Illinois Medical District Location
Chicago, Illinois
The Illinois Medical District (IMD) is a special-use zoning district located just west of downtown Chicago. The District consists of 560 acres of medical research facilities, labs, biotech business incubator, raw development area, universities and more than forty health care related facilities. The planned expansion is envisioned to form the hub and anchor of the Medical District, by complimenting additional development of medical and health care related facilities, and attracting new high technolodgy business enterprises, additional medical and health care professionals, and additional patient clients and medical students to the IMD. The proposed program incorporates medical office, research and biotechnology uses, two hotels with a significant conference center, retail, a fitness center, residential units, and a parking facility.
This concept was co-designed with Gensler.
Status: Unbuilt

560 Acres

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