Private Residence
Client Location
Harbert, Michigan
Inspired by the simple forms of agricultural buildings, the 24-foot-wide home, with its outbuilding garage, is part rural-industrial and part sleek-modern. Located just steps from the beach, the house is set in a forest of trees that provide natural privacy, and eliminate the need for shades or drapes. A year-round, low maintenance house, the structure utilizes corrugated aluminum and black aluminum trim, creating a glass and metal form with the versatility to open to the outdoors as well as withstand the changeable climate. Sliding-door glass sides enable the building to peel open to the lake’s breezes like a big screened-in porch. A four-foot channel of river gravel surrounding the house serves to absorb water from the roof and eliminate the need for gutters. The lofted, open interior is articulated in a neutral warm yellow palette punctuated with greens and reds. Set six inches away from some walls, the ceiling appears suspended, enhancing the light, ethereal character of the environment.

2 Stories

3,400 GSF

Private Residence Details