Lakeside Bank 2800 N. Ashland Ave.
Client Lakeside Bank Location
Chicago, Illinois
The design of this community-oriented bank facility uniquely balances pedestrian scale architecture with the necessary component of vehicular traffic through the site. Located on a busy intersection, the main entry is expressed as a grand, yet appropriately scaled rotunda. Supporting facades are held close to the sidewalk in keeping with the neighborhood context. Vehicular entry and parking is located to the north of the site. Quality materials and simple detailing reinforce the character of the masonry buildings common to the area. Limestone trim, columns and cornice are well detailed to enhance the presence of the building. The drive-thru component is integrated into the south fa├žade of the building to minimize the impact of vehicular traffic through the site onto surrounding streets. Office and support spaces are located on the second level in order to create a building scale appropriate for the neighborhood.

2 Stories

15 Parking Spaces

14,000 SF Retail/Commercial

Lakeside Bank 2800 N. Ashland Ave. Details