Dearborn Tower
Client State Street Development Corporation Location
Chicago, Illinois

Formerly a giant industrial freezer for Beatrice Foods, the re-purposed building features 30 units per floor on eight of the original floors, two floors of commercial offices and restaurants, and additional residences added to the top of the tower to increase the density to 316 units. The massive base remaining from the original Beatrice cold storage warehouse has been stripped of its cladding, exposing the concrete frame with a recessed terrace window wall. The seven-story addition sets back and articulates the façade with a smaller, lighter grid. The south side of the building provides long linear balconies that double as sun shading devices in the summer. The north façade is articulated with a masonry tower incorporating a clock and mast thereby marking the building entry and tying together the new and old masses.


316 Units

18 Stories

389 Parking Spaces

196,000 SF Retail/Commercial

717,000 GSF

Original Construction Date 1906
Dearborn Tower Details