Clybourn Lofts
Client Horwitz-Matthews Location
Chicago, Illinois
Originally built as a 1900-era piano factory, the six story building was transformed into fifty-seven residential lofts. The addition of a brightly-colored steel superstructure to the north wall not only creates an innovative framework for exterior terraces, but is critical in establishing a bold new identity for the historic building. The use of industrial materials, such as expressive steel detailing, chain-link fencing, raw concrete block and checkerplate aluminum is contrasted wit brass, white tile and glass to create an affordable impact and visual excitement. The development strategy for the building was to offer an opportunity to customize the design of each loft. Working closely with each buyer, Pappageorge Haymes created a variety of unique architectural expressions. This level of customization was achievable because the firm also acted as construction manager for the project.

57 Units

6 Stories

60 Parking Spaces

140,000 GSF

Original Construction Date c. 1900
Clybourn Lofts Details