Banco Popular 3948 W. 55th St.
Client 55th & Pulaski, LLC Location
Chicago, Illinois
Prior to expansion into the Chicago market, Banco Popular facilities were developed mostly from existing bank buildings. This project was one in a series of new Banco Popular branches designed over a two-year span. With no established prototype design requirements from Banco Popular, the project’s unique identity was largely determined by the physical constraints and context of the site. The challenge of this site was that it was one lot inboard from the desired prime corner location. To compensate for this condition, the design for the bank incorporates a prominent tower feature, with a dramatic vaulted roofline, to emphasize the bank’s entrance and identity. The balance of the building’s street frontage is composed of broad, tall, window openings promoting a visible, and inviting connection between the interior bank activities and the heavily traveled street and intersection outside.

One Level Stories

36 Parking Spaces

3,000 SF Retail/Commercial

Banco Popular 3948 W. 55th St. Details