814 N. Franklin St.
Client Horowitz-Matthews Location
Chicago, Illinois
This adaptive re-use project converts a former bicycle factory into a stylish office and retail space. The exterior is a union of three elements: an existing, highly-detailed façade repainted in colors that relate to neighboring buildings; a gridwork of glass and aluminum set back from the façade to maximize lower level exposure and a highly painted column joining the building’s two facades. The interior consists of three principal spaces: the entrance lobby, whose small rotunda is a setting for the interplay of forms, surfaces, and color; the office of the architect, a space that conveys conservative imagery within the loft context; and a free-form office for an expressive and adventurous developer. The latter office features work stations and other office functions designed to create a playful and colorful interior streetscape.   

4 Stories

24,000 GSF

Original Construction Date 1891 Awards

Citation of Merit for Interior Architecture from the American Institute of Architects, Chicago Chapter

814 N. Franklin St. Details