319 S. 5th Avenue
Client The Morningside Group Location
Ann Arbor, Michigan
The building’s L-shaped plan creates a pedestrian sensitive scale at the single story commercial structure along 5th Avenue and then liberally takes to the air as it moves away from Midtown’s civic corridor. A key thematic feature of the building is the uplifted framed portion that frees itself from its base - a gesture to the 12,000 sq. ft. plaza space below. The ascending motif of framed features is repeated higher on the tower breaking up the massing and reinforcing the imagery of elevated strides. The brick clad commercial base structure visually bridges the adjoining building materials at the street level. The massing of the tower portion is clad with floor to ceiling glass serving to maximize the views and to generate a lightweight expression. The glass system alternates playfully with the metal panels in such a way to mask the overall scale of the tower and enhance balance with the adjacent properties.
Status: Unbuilt

235 Units

17 Stories

270,000 GSF

319 S. 5th Avenue Details