1122 W. Chicago
Client Lipe Property Company Location
Chicago, Illinois

Located on a wedge-shaped parcel at the northwest corner of Chicago and Milwaukee Avenues, this transit-oriented development will offer 97 residential apartment units and new retail space. The modern facades will include a combination of aluminum windows, panelized siding with varying colors, and vertical bands with saturated accent colors. 

To provide some relief, the base is inset and darker in color to provide the appearance of a two-story tall base. This treatment transitions to a vertical recess on the two primary facades to break down the massing into smaller elements. The corner is recessed in two places to provide some additional articulation and to give a couple of the corner units unique windows or juliette balconies

The project entry is located along Chicago Avenue, generously set back from the curb with an overhead awning to increase visibility from the transit located at the corner and provide a comfortable space for meeting or waiting.

Status: Under construction


97 Units

7 Stories

39 Parking Spaces

91,000 GSF

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